Hi there!

I’m Chantal Lindsen, I work as a reporter and I’m an analogue photography lover from Rotterdam. I write for the local newspaper AD-Rotterdams Dagblad and for the local magazine Inside Rotterdam. During my work I meet a lot of interesting people and visit a lot of cool places downtown. I feel very lucky!

But as I write for hardcopy newspapers my stories are gone within a day, so I decided posting them online and make them more my own (and in English). Call Me Fox is my playground where I can write whatever I want and can post my analogue pictures. I just started doing it so don’t expect high quality. But I’m learning by doing.

I post things I think are real and authentic. Because nowadays we more and more live in a world where everyone and everything looks the same. My dad always told me not to be an ‘eenheidsworst’ (one in a dozen). So I’m looking for people and places that are real and authentic and not a copy of someone or something else. These things will be my mean focus on Call Me Fox.

Inner child
During my pregnancy for the first time since a while I felt more myself than ever before. I literally found my inner child again. Getting a child extracted me from the noise and hypes and so I recognised my longing for the things that are authentic and more personal, the things that makes me me. This online ‘magazine’ is totally me as I love magazines for many, many years, love making stories and love analogue photography. I hope Call Me Fox will get you thinking about what makes you you. The things that make us all different.

I feel a deep and sincere longing for realness, so I really take the time to find real and authentic stories. Before I write a story I take the time to listen to someone’s story and visit him or her. I don’t use skype or email, but actually go to the person. I don’t use a recorder, but pen and paper. And I don’t take photos with a digital camera but an analogue one, because in my opinion these photo’s are more real. I don’t only take pictures because I love doing it, it also helps me to get a better image of the person I’m talking to as the audience and stuff also tells a lot about the person, so it helps me to complete the story I want to tell you which bottom line will be: make something your own and do it your way.

I’m a reporter (like Fantastic Mr.Fox)

Most of all I hope you will enjoy the interviews with locals and reviews of events, shops and restaurants downtown. As I live in Rotterdam, most stories will be about this town and it’s people. As you already noticed I love to write (don’t blame me I’m a reporter, but I promise to keep it short now and then :-)). No time to read? As I have a passion for analog photography you will find lots of pictures on the blog as well :-)!




but you may Call Me Fox


Ps. Do you know the story about Fantastic Mr. Fox? (you definitely have to see the movie, it’s hilarious!) It’s my favorite and guess what, Mr.Fox is a reporter and has his own column called ‘Fox about town’. As I’m also writing about town I thought well Call Me Fox..


(This photo is taken by the talented Asley Rottjers, with her analog camera, at Coffee Company where I write most of my stories.)