Since a couple of months Harvest Coffee Brewers opened their doors at Glashaven. I visited the place a couple of times. Last time I got the change to catch up with one of the owners. Since I know their cool story I love this new spot even more. Make sure you find this hidden gem!

The Glashaven (glass harbour) may not really ring a bell at first. But you may know the V11, a red lightship where they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and sometimes held concerts in the basement of the ship (very cool concert location). Glahaven is suited nearby V11 and contains houseboats but also apartments on land that have a lovely view at this small harbour.


While drinking your coffee at Harvest Coffee Brewers you have an amazing view at the lovely harbour that give an instant relaxing vibe because you see or hear no cars. Outside they made a small terrace where you can enjoy the summer sun almost all day.


The first time I visited the place it was a lovely sunny day so I wanted to sit outside with Roos. As I then didn’t knew you could enter the terrace via a passage underneath the apartments I went through the back door of the coffee shop that leads to the terrace. Owner Zjevaun immediately jumped behind the bar to help me getting through the door with my baby car as there is a little stair. The doorway was super small and it was hard to get outside and all visitors held their breath as we where holding the baby car on it’s side to get it through the door. I wondered what Roos was thinking when we hold her like that. When we almost wanted to give up, the car made it through the door.

Baby girl
I found out Zjevaun had a little baby girl as well that is almost the same age as Roos. Funny detail: they officially opened their doors on the first of April and got their baby girl three days later on the 3th of April. ‘’I was still dancing on the bar during the opening. Luckily I felt super good during my pregnancy as we had a lot to do,” tells owner and girlfriend of Zjevaun later on.



Even though owners Loes and Zjevaun where expecting a baby they decided to realise their dream: their own coffee bar. So yes of course I was super curious how they made their dream come true and I wondered how this lovely couple met each other. Loes: ,,I met Zjevaun when I worked at Ivy. He worked there as well. I left Rotterdam to work in Zwolle, but after a year I came back and started working at FG. As I had no place to stay yet Zjevaun suggested to sleep at his place while searching for a place my own. Eventually I never left,’’ she tells while smiling.

The couple moved to Melbourne and worked over 2,5 years in coffee bars where they learned a lot. ,,We wanted to run a place our own, but in Melbourne you have over 5000 coffee bars, so we decided to go back to Rotterdam and open a bar overthere.’’ Zjevaun Janga and Loes Beljaars started a crowdfunding campaign to get the money as no bank wanted to finance their idea. ,,We already signed the contract for the rent for this place even when we didn’t had the money yet, so it was a super exciting time. Luckily a lot of friends and family helped us out by donating so we could start making our dream come through.’’




The couple did the styling of the coffee bar by themselves that resulted in a fresh and cosy place. The large bar with the coffee machine is suited in the middle. At Harvest Coffee Brewers they serve only independent coffee brands like the Rotterdam based coffee brands Man Met Bril Koffie and Stielman Coffee but also from the Germany based coffee brand Hunt Brothers Coffee.

Dutch Championship Barista
Wondering why the coffee is this good? Well Zjevaun won in 2012 het Dutch Championship Barista. Curious how coffee made by a former champion taste like? Well you now know where to go. Oh and by the way, the lunch and homemade ice tea is fabulous as well!

Harvest Coffee Brewers
Glashaven 107
3011 GX Rotterdam



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